Chapter 69 — Physical Human-Robot Interaction

Human-robot interaction planning

The video presents the main aspects that have to be taken into consideration for joint human-robot assembly. These are: i) planning and appropriately distributing the tasks between human, robot, and collaboration; ii) a suitable interface between human and robot by visual and haptic gestures; iii) compliant and sensitive robot control in delivery, storage, hand-over, and assembly of parts; iv) collision detection and distinguishing from intended contacts during collaboration. The overall concept is presented for the exemplary assembly of a toy-train-track. (AAAI 2014, Video Competition)
Sven Parusel, Hannes Widmoser, Saskia Golz, Tobias Ende, Nico Blodow, Matteo Saveriano, Kai Krieger, Alexis Maldonado, Ingo Kresse, Roman Weitschat, Dongheui Lee, Michael Beetz, Sami Haddadin