Chapter 58 — Robotics in Hazardous Applications

UNMACA: Demining Afghanistan

This is a high-quality video made partly with the aim of seeking funds to help complete demining projects in Afghanistan. This video has been included because researchers can see plenty of examples of realistic field conditions under which demining is being done in Afghanistan. It is essential for researchers to have an accurate appreciation of the real field conditions before considering expensive research projects. There are plenty of opportunities to see manual mine clearance. Current-generation demining machines don't work here because of the very hard and rocky ground. There is an interesting segment showing the Bamyan site. The sentiments expressed by deminers are genuine, in my experience. I have met many similarly dedicated Afghan deminers, and they are selected for their dedication, attitude to nation-building, courage, and conscientious work ethic. They are justly proud of the work they do, and their uniforms and equipment set them apart from most other Afghans and give them a real sense of respect. Note that winter rains and summer storms wash mud over mines, encasing them in what later turns to hard, cement-like soil. It is hard physical work demanding sensitive hands, care, and attention to detail. For more information see:
James P. Trevelyan