Chapter 51 — Modeling and Control of Underwater Robots

Saturation-based, nonlinear, depth-and-yaw control of an underwater vehicle

This video demonstrates the robustness of a saturation-based, nonlinear controller for underwater vehicles. The performance of yaw and depth control of the L2ROV prototype is maintained, even when the buoyancy and the damping are changed. This work has been conducted by the LIRMM (University Montpellier 2, France) and the LAFMIA (CINVESTAV Mexico), in collaboration with Tecnalia France Foundation. This work has been supported by the French-Mexican PCP program and by the Region Languedoc-Roussillon.
Eduardo Campos-Mercado, Ahmed Chemori, Vincent Creuze, Jorge Torres-Munoz, Rogelio Lozano
LIRMM - University Montpellier 2 / CNRS
Latitude =43° 38'.22 North , Longitude = 3° 50'.42 East    (link to Google Maps)