Chapter 23 — Biomimetic Robots

Avian-inspired perching mechanism with UAV

This completely passive mechanism enables a quadrotor to perch using only the weight of the quadrotor to grip the perch. The method is inspired by a tendon that allows birds to sleep while perching. More details can be found in the paper C. Doyle, J. Bird, T. Isom, C. Johnson, J. Kallman, J. Simpson, R. King, J. Abbott, M. Minor: Avian-inspired passive perching mechanism for robotic rotorcraft, Proc. IEEE Conf. Intell. Robot. Syst. (IROS), San Francisco (2011), pp. 4975-4980;
Courtney E. Doyle, Justin J. Bird, Taylor A. Isom, Jason C. Kallman, Daman F. Bareiss, David J. Dunlop, Raymond J. King, Jake J. Abbott, Mark A. Minor
Latitude =40.760779 , Longitude = -111.891047    (link to Google Maps)