Chapter 72 — Social Robotics

Explaining a typical session with Sunflower as a home companion in the Robot House

The video illustrates and explains one of the final showcases of the European project LIREC ( in the University of Hertfordshire Robot House. The Sunflower robot, developed at UH, provides cognitive and physical assistance in a home scenario. In the video, one of the researchers, Dag Syrdal, explains a typical session in long-term evaluation studies in the Robot House. Sunflower has access to a network of smart sensors in the Robot House. The video also illustrates the concept of migration (moving of the robot's mind/AI to a differently embodied system).
Kerstin Dautenhahn
The work described in this paper was conducted within the EU Integrated Projects LIREC (Living with Robots and interactive Companions) funded by the European Commission under contract number FP7-215554. Thanks to the LIREC research team at University of H
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