Chapter 72 — Social Robotics

Visual communicative nonverbal behaviors of the Sunflower robot

The video illustrates the experiments as described in Koay et. al (2013). The Sunflower robot, developed by Kheng Lee Koay at the University of Hertfordshire, is a non-humanoid robot, using communicative signals inspired by dog-human interaction. The biological behaviors had been abstracted and translated to the specific robot embodiment. The results show that the robot is able to communicate its intention to a person and encourages the participant to attend to events and locations in a home environment. The work has been part of the of the European project LIREC (
Kerstin Dautenhahn
Thanks to Kheng Lee Koay and Gabriella Lakatos who designed, conducted and analysed this study. The work described in this paper was conducted within the EU Integrated Projects LIREC (Living with Robots and interactive Companions) funded by the European C
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