Chapter 71 — Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction

Robotic secrets revealed, Episode 1

A Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) scientist shows a magic trick to a mobile-dextrous-social robot, demonstrating the robot's use and interpretation of gestures. The video highlights recent gesture-recognition work and NRL's novel cognitive architecture, ACT-R/E. While set within a popular game of skill, this video illustrates several Navy-relevant issues, including computational cognitive architecture which enables autonomous function, and integrates perceptual information with higher-level cognitive reasoning, gesture recognition for shoulder-to-shoulder human-robot interaction, and anticipation and learning on a robotic system. Such abilities will be critical for future, naval, autonomous systems for persistent surveillance, tactical mobile robots, and other autonomous platforms.
Greg Trafton
Anthony Harrison, Ben Fransen, Magdalena Bugajska, and Greg Trafton