Chapter 60 — Disaster Robotics

Assistive mapping during teleoperation

This video shows a commercial mapping system that has been developed by the University of Freiburg (A. Kleiner and C. Dornhege) and the telerob GmbH (A. Ciossek) in Germany. The video first shows the physical integration of the mapping system on the telemax bomb-disposal robot. Then, the real-time output of the mapping system superimposed on the video output of the robot's camera is shown.
Alexander Kleiner, Christian Dornhege, Andreas Ciossek
With the curtesy of A. Kleiner (iRobot), C. Dornhege (Freiburg University), and the A. Ciossek (telerob GmbH)
Latitude =48.0136481 , Longitude = 7.8338844    (link to Google Maps)