Chapter 6 — Model Identification

Dynamic identification of Kuka KR270 : Trajectory without load

This video shows a trajectory without load used to identify the dynamic parameters of the links, load, joint drive gains and gravity compensator of a heavy industrial Kuka KR 270 manipulator. Details and results are given in the paper: A. Jubien, M. Gautier: Global identification of spring balancer, dynamic parameters and drive gains of heavy industrial robots, IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. Intel. Robot. Syst. (IROS), Tokyo (2013) pp. 1355-1360
Maxime Gautier
Thanks to Anthony Jubien, Fabien Truchet and Benoit Furet for providing the robot used in this video
Latitude =47.297503 , Longitude = -1.502874    (link to Google Maps)