Chapter 56 — Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry

Smart Seeder: An autonomous high-accuracy, seed planter for broad-acre crops

This video shows highly accurate (within 2 cm) guidance of a tractor and an implement. The tractor is speed-controlled and follows a specified path very accurately. The implement is a seed planter which also follows the same path with the same accuracy. The implement has its own power unit. Its wheels are steerable and driven under force control as demanded by the force sensor at the hitch point. This relieves the tractor from having to pull the implement with full force, and hence it can be a smaller machine. Highly precise planting and path- following repeatability enables plant-level care which significantly reduce the chemical use, hence reducing adverse environmental effects and cost.
Jay Katupitiya
UNSW Mechatronics. Filming: Stephen Kuhle, UNSW
Latitude =-33.918403 , Longitude = 151.231325    (link to Google Maps)