Chapter 55 — Space Robotics

DLR DEOS demonstration mission simulation

This video simulation shows an intended task in DLR's DEOS project for grasping an uncooperative, tumbling target satellite (left) by means of a free-flying robot (right, servicer satellite and robot manipulator). The task consists of approaching a predefined point on the target with the robot end-effector, tracking the same point with the robot end-effector while homing in onto it, closing the grasp, and stabilizing the relative motion between the two spacecraft. Following this, the robot performs a berthing task to secure the target in a dedicated docking port on the servicer. The servicer's GNC system is switched off during the entire duration of the grasping maneuver, giving rise to free-floating dynamic behavior of the manipulator. The complete robot trajectory is provided by a motion planner in order to guarantee feasibility with respect to motion constraints, such as the the field of view of the end-effector camera, etc.
Roberto Lampariello, Gerd Hirzinger