Chapter 43 — Telerobotics

Multi-modal, multi-user telepresence and teleaction system

This video shows a multimodal, multiuser telepresence system, consisting of two teleoperated mobile manipulators, each connected to a stationary or a mobile, multimodal, human telerobotic interface. The multimodal-user feedback consists of 3-D vision, 3-D acoustic, and haptic feedback. A cooperative pipe-repair task was performed by the two teleoperated mobile manipulators. Presented at ICRA 2008.
M. Buss, A. Peer, T. Schauss, N. Stefanov, U. Unterhinninghofen, S. Behrendt, G. Farber, J. Leupold, K. Diepold, F. Keyrouz, M. Sarkis, P. Hinterseer, E. Steinbach, B. Farber, H. Pongrac
Technische Universität München