Chapter 30 — Sonar Sensing

B-scan image of indoor potted tree using multipulse sonar

By repeatedly clearing the conventional sonar ranging board, each echo produces a spike sequence that is related to the echo amplitude. A brightness-scan (B-scan) image - similar to diagnostic ultrasound images - is generated by transforming the short-term spike density into a gray scale intensity. The video shows a B-scan of a potted tree in an indoor environment containing a doorway (with door knob) and a tree located in front of a cinder-block wall. The B-scan shows the specular environmental features as well as the random tree-leaf structures. Note that the wall behind the tree is also clearly imaged. Reference: R. Kuc: Generating B-scans of the environment with a conventional sonar, IEEE Sensor. J. 8(2), 151 - 160 (2008); doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2007.908242 .
Roman Kuc