Chapter 11 — Robots with Flexible Elements

Feedforward/feedback law for path tracking with a KUKA KR15/2 robot

This 2006 video shows the performance of a type of model-based feedforward (using the elastic joint model) plus state-feedback stabilization for trajectory tracking. Designed for an industrial KUKA KR15/2 manipulator having cycloidal gearboxes, which are known for their visco-elasticity, this controller is compared to a standard one for the robot task of moving in a rest-to-rest mode along three (orthogonal) square paths in Cartesian space. References: 1. M. Thümmel: Modellbasierte Regelung mit nichtlinearen inversen Systemen und Beobachtern von Robotern mit elastischen Gelenken, Dissertation, Technische Universität München, Munich, (2006) (in German); 2. A. De Luca, D. Schröder, M. Thümmel: An acceleration-based state observer for robot manipulators with elastic joints, IEEE Int. Conf. Robot. Autom. (ICRA), Rome (2007), pp. 3817-3823, 2007. doi: 10.1109/ROBOT.2007.364064
Michael Thümmel
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